WordPress upgrade to 3.4

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Upgrades should be a time to rejoice.  A time to celebrate new features like gifts at Christmas.  However, the WordPress upgrades are never that smooth.  Now I’m not bashing WordPress software.  Once it is upgraded, it is wonderful, but the feelings leading up to an upgrade can be described as nausea, fear, anger and sadness.  These feelings were again justified when I upgraded (or attempted) to 3.4.  I’m still in the process right now and I’m betting this post won’t survive the rest of the upgrade.  If I ever figure this out, I’ll make a ton on Freelancer.com and then post the solution here after I’m a millionaire.

Alright, alright so I was wrong.  The post made it and the fix ended up being simpler than I thought it would be.  I posted a question on the WordPress support forum here and the moderator’s fix worked.  I had to copy the wp-settings.php file over, which wasn’t part of the upgrade process listed here.  The site is back up and we’re back in business.

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