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Rainbow Drill Bit

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I was about to write a post about the evil spinning rainbow cursor that I’ve come to know and hate over the past few months, when I stumbled upon a post referencing this site:The Marble of Doom Apparently I’m not alone in my hate of this guy. I use Xcode 4.6 on a daily basis and see this time waster at least once per day. Why does it take so long to destroy your app and let you know? Does the camera activate so the Apple guys can watch you cringe? I wish there was a website out there that would show that footage.

Anyhow, I’ll be sure to add my time there from now on. Just like the national debt, it just keeps going up. However, there isn’t a ceiling on this value.

Add your time when you get some time.

Mac OS X keyboard symbols and shortcuts

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I’ve been tasked with creating a new program to go onto the Apple Store.  I’ve never been a Mac user and probably never will be, but since I have to use it for now, it’s really helpful to know how to get around on one.  In order to do things faster, I try to keep from going back and forth between the keyboard and the mouse.  However if I want to do that, I need to know all the keyboard commands that I normally use on a Microsoft Windows computer.  The first confusing thing that I ran into was the funny symbols the Mac OS uses to define special keys.  The most notable ones are the control, option and command symbols.  Now on the MacBook Pro that I’m currently using, the command symbol is on the command key, so it’s easy to see that the symbol goes with that key.  However, the option symbol and the control symbol are not on their respective keys so I had to ask Google about them.  A quick search led me to Ted Wise’s page: http://tedwise.com/2009/04/28/what-do-those-weird-mac-symbols-mean/, which was very helpful.

When I found out what the symbols meant, I was able to come up with the following table of the shortcut keys that help me navigate and use Xcode 4 quickly.  I know there are a lot of pages out there that list shortcut keys, but they seem to be huge and also list a ton that I’ll never use.  This list is meant to be a sub-set of those that I use on a daily basis.  The list might be small for now, but I’ll be sure to add other helpful ones in the future.

Shortcut Description
⌘ + / Comment or uncomment section
⌘ + C Copy
⌃ + I Correct selection indentation
fn + Delete Delete text that is ahead of the cursor
⌃ + A + K + K Delete entire line
⌘ + → End
⌘ + F Find
+ + ⌘ + ← Fold methods and functions
⌘ + + Esc Force close an application
⌘ + ← Home
⌘ + ] Indent the selected text
⌘ + V Paste
⌘ + Z Undo
+ + ⌘ + → Unfold methods and functions

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